We for you!

The earlier you bring your project to us, the better. Because, in the project planning phase, we can provide you the very best advice and consultation on your own specific mould, your choice of material and your injection moulding machine.

Design with added value

Economic production or high unit costs – design is the decisive factor. Are you getting the optimum flow and cooling processes? How do you remove the injected material from the mould? A first class, specialised design team will solve your tasks with experience.

Zero tolerance is not just words

Intelligent processes, the most modern production equipment and above all motivated employees will ensure high quality and precision in all stages of the work process.

Trust, but verify

Quality can be measured if the right equipment is available. At Beiter, we use ZEISS measuring systems to monitor all stages of production. These guarantee precision to within a few μ, even with complex free-form
geometric surfaces.

Results that shine

Efficient injection moulding processes require smooth surfaces. This is why our most experienced employees polish your mould to a gleaming shine.

If you produce injection moulded parts in shorter runs, you need competitively priced moulds that will amortise quickly.

Economic framework construction

The framework construction we, at Beiter, use for our moulds instead of preparing them from the solid material means we can offer you very economical moulds - and you won‘t have to do without Beiter precision.
According to the required operating life of your injection mould, we choose a combination of materials that will match your quality requirements and allow for cost-efficient production.

Short runs if desired

You can have the complete know-how of the Beiter firm and our modern machinery working directly for your company. Talk to us if you need work done in milling, turning, drilling, grinding and EDM in high quality but at economically competitive prices.

Brain Work

The design and construction of injection moulds and the programming of very modern CNC-controlled production requires a lot of experience. Profit from our knowledge: we are happy to share it with you.

Ökonomische Rahmenbauweise und Materialwahl nach Standzeitenvorgabe spart Kosten, nicht Präzision.


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